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Now: 24 months warranty*

Welcome to the online shop of BVS Industrie-Elektronik

24-month warranty*

Now: 24 months warranty*

The BVS Industrie-Elektronik GmbH extends the warranty* from July 2020 on for the complete assembly from 18 to 24 months for:
• product overhaul repairs
• reconditioned replacement parts
• reconditioned exchange modules and
• new parts

The warranty extension* does also apply to all preventively remanufactured and exchanged assemblies within an ECOFIT-Project. This extension is a result from a permanently ongoing know-how development based on a world class quality of our services.

Mobile Devices

What does our onlineshop have to offer?

Searching for an item in our extensive portfolio comprising more than 250,000 individual products has been simplified significantly. By using the intelligent menu navigation or by directly entering the item number or search term in the search field on the home page, you can navigate to the required product or service and request it directly. Within the webshop you can collect several items in a single shopping basket and submit it with just one click. In future, you should also keep an eye out for our latest product offers and promotional items.The increased range of information available to webshop users also includes the display of preceding and successor products as well as alternative solutions.

As the website & webshop have now also been optimised for use on mobile devices, you can easily access all of the offers and information or submit an enquiry while you are on the move or directly on the machine. It has been made even easier for registered account holders to request items as the account data on the web form is already filled out. The main account management system also offers the option of saving different address information. However, most notably once you have been approved as a registered account holder, the availability of our products in the warehouse will be displayed in our new webshop. Of course, we will continue to provide a warranty of 24 months* on all our products and services.

The advantages of the webshop at a glance

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