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Our entire offer applies only to industry, trade & craft. All prices without VAT.

Now: 24 months warranty*


Grease ALVANIA 2 / 0.4KG

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Product Reconditioning*

Cleaning & inspection**


New exchange parts*


New parts*
Grease ALVANIA 2 / 0.4KG ALL

* 24-month warranty on new parts, product-overhauling repairs and product-overhauled spare and replacement parts. We not only carry out our preventive measures for product-overhauling repairs, exchange and spare parts sales, but also extensively test each electronic assembly for function and load. In addition, we use original and safety-compliant components and thus guarantee the safety of the modules used in accordance with the standards of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.

** There is no guarantee for our "Cleaning & Inspection" service type.

*** 12 months warranty for functional repairs for Bosch Rexroth products on the respective replaced functional part, only defective components are exchanged.