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KACO Powador 12.0 TL3 Wechselrichter

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KACO Powador 12.0 TL3 inverter

With the Powador 9.0 TL3 to 18.0 TL3 transformerless three-phase inverters, PV systems up to several hundred kilowatts can be planned extremely flexibly in small, highly efficient units.

For optimum adaptation, the units work with two separate MPP trackers, which can be loaded both symmetrically and asymmetrically: Each tracker is capable of handling almost the entire AC power. This means that all typical requirements of more complex designs can be met, for example the full occupancy of an east-west roof (symmetrical load) or the regular occupancy of a south-facing roof without having to forego the solar yield of a dormer (asymmetrical load).

A parallel connection of the MPP trackers is also possible. This saves installation work (including an additional external disconnector) if strings are to be combined before the inverter. Two strings can be connected per MPP tracker, i.e. four strings per device.

The input voltage range is designed extra wide: From 250 V, the devices switch to the grid and during operation they feed in even at 200 V. This means that they can not only secure the solar yields of comparatively small areas such as dormers or carports, but also work longer during the day. The peak efficiency is 98 % and the European efficiency is also above average. The compact design with a weight of only 40 kg in combination with the DC connection via solar plugs makes installation very easy and cost-effective.

Perfect communication is easy with the devices. They are equipped with an integrated data logger with web server, a graphic display to show the operating data as well as a USB port to upload firmware updates. The yield data can be retrieved and evaluated both via USB and the web server. The integrated data logger can also be connected directly to the Powador-web Internet portal for professional evaluation and visualisation of the inverter data.

A number of country presets are programmed into the inverters, which can be easily selected on site during installation. Regardless of this, the desired operating language can be set. The inverters comply with all directives and, from software version 1.16, support the functions of the Powador-protect for the purpose of grid and system protection as well as power management in accordance with EEG 2012.
Amount phases 3
Nominal AC power (W) 10000
DC voltage range (V) from 200
DC voltage range (V) until 800
Maximum input current (A) 2
Amount MPP Tracker 2
Euro efficiency in % 97
C ° working temperature range from -25
C ° working temperature range until 60
Interfaces Ethernet, USB, RS485, S0 output
Transformer no
Display yes
Width (mm) 420
Height (mm) 690
Length (mm) 200
Weight (kg net) 40
Standard manufacturer warranty (years (opt)) 5
Protection class (EU) IP65
AC Connection M40 screw connection and terminal (max. Cross section: 16mm² flexible, 10mm² rigid)
DC Connection Solar plug

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