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KACO Powador 60.0 TL3-XL-INT Wechselrichter

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KACO Powador 60.0 TL3-XL-INT inverter

Solar inverters for large solar roofs and multi-megawatt solar parks.

The XL variant offers you:
DC circuit breaker in the connection compartment
4 string inputs per MPPT
Fuse DC input plus
DC overvoltage protection type 1+2 before each MPPT

Inverter with 3 MPP trackers
The three separate MPP trackers, which can be loaded both symmetrically and asymmetrically, achieve optimum adaptation to complex designs. Three MPP trackers are also an advantage when it comes to compensating for mismatches between modules, such as those caused by temperature differences and uneven sunlight or shading.

In the rhythm of the sun
The input voltage range is designed extra wide for all devices: From 250 V, the inverters switch to the grid and in operation they feed in even at 200 V. Even in the lower performance ranges, the devices achieve a very high partial load efficiency: At 5% nominal power, they already operate with 95% efficiency.

3 MPP trackers and wide MPP range for flexibility in system planning and against losses due to shading
Graphic display, multilingual menu and preconfigured country settings for easy operation
System monitoring via integrated data logger with web server
Amount phases 3
Nominal AC power (W) 60000
DC voltage range (V) from 200
DC voltage range (V) until 950
Maximum input current (A) 3
Amount MPP Tracker 3
Euro efficiency in % 97
C ° working temperature range from -20
C ° working temperature range until 60
Interfaces Ethernet, USB, RS485
Transformer no
Display yes
Width (mm) 840
Height (mm) 1360
Length (mm) 355
Weight (kg net) 173
Standard manufacturer warranty (years (opt)) 5
Protection class (EU) IP54
Amount DC inputs 1
AC Connection Screw terminals, max. 50 mm²
DC Connection M: screw / spring-loaded terminals max. 35 mm²
XL: screw / spring-loaded terminals max. 10 mm²

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